Coronavirus: Unprecedented Event

While brilliant doctors are continuously busy working on COVID patients, many nurses are staying in homes, away from their work, after the order of hospital officials. These nurses were sent back to their houses as they could not be paid salary and wages anymore following the losses of health centers. 

Doctors, who are often considered as lifesavers, are the ones with a more risk at the time of global health emergencies. They are risking their lives for the sake of virus patients, while the normal people are not obeying the lockdown instructions of the government. Therefore, you might have seen crowded places in public since these people are roaming around the streets unnecessarily at this uncertain time of new viruses.

Similarly, you may also have heard about the deaths of health staff due to insufficient protective gowns and gloves to put on. Not only this but other staff also died from being contacted by coronavirus victims. On the one hand, these medical workers are dying unavoidably while on the other, their salaries and wages are being cut off. These circumstances have created difficulties for workers’ families in their changing lifestyle. Their families are worried about the increasing expenses if this situation continues for a long time. 

Although the government assistance is helping run some hospitals at this uncertain time, the fund is still not enough to treat all patients. Thus, there is a need for super-government policies to bring out a huge amount to operate all hospitals and treat coronavirus cases at full phase. 

On a similar note, the teaching institutions are switching to online classes after finding it difficult to reopen the schools and colleges amid the lockdown. Many employees can be seen working remotely from their own homes. Moreover, even if the schools are still running virtual classes, the teachers’ salary is paid much lesser than the regular amount. Thus, they are suffering a lot financially because of the decline in their main income source. 

So, now they are in search of other income sources like farming or even shopkeepers to feed their families in the ongoing pandemic. Since most of the stores are closed due to the lockdown, businesses are shifting online. Online stores have been and will be the most preferred choice for consumers considering their safety and cheaper cost at this uncertain time.

All in all, this pandemic and its subsequent lockdown have a devastating effect on every group of people mostly for health staff, who are working without gowns and gloves to treat COVID victims. Therefore, there is a need for relevant health policies for protecting these health workers and treating patients safely. Moreover, all employees must be paid a good salary and wages including government assistance for their family. The effective mobilization of government aid and other supports can lead to solving the arising issues amid the lockdown. 

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